Finley Recreation Center

Historical Significance

In 1940, Finley Recreation Center, compromising a skating rink and dancing hall, was opened for an African-American clientele by Dr. Taylor F. Finley. Dr. Finley, whose office was located at 232 East Piccadilly Street from 1936 until the 1950's, was the black community's dentist. In addition, he taught science and manual training at the Douglas School and operated the Finley Recreation Center. His grandson, Donald L. Finley, was the first African American elected to Winchester's City Council.

Until the mid-1950's children could roller skate here during the day, and adults enjoyed this popular gathering place in the evenings. Lloyd Price and Fats Domino played here to sell-out crowds. The center could be rented for private parties and social functions, and the first meetings of the Douglas School Alumni Association were held here. 

Physical Description

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Geographical and Contact Information

567 North Kent Street
Winchester, Virginia