L.E. Coleman African American Museum

Historical Significance

The L.E. Coleman African American Museum celebrates the art, history, and culture of the people of the African Diaspora. The Museum’s exhibits interprets art, history, and culture in three areas in order to create a deeper understanding of the African American experience and the human experience in general. The exhibits promote awareness and insight into the “African Diaspora” as a whole, the African American experience locally in “The Halifax Story”, and current events concerning people of the African Diaspora in “The Contemporary Narrative”. 
According to the founding president of the museum, Rev. Kevin Chandler, the museum’s mission is to “strive to research, collect, and preserve the art, history and culture of African Americans with emphasis on Halifax County, to foster among people the awareness of Virginia history so that they may draw strength and perspective from the past and find purpose for the future”.
The museum is located in the former Mountain Road School, built in 1919 for African American students residing in Halifax County.

Physical Description

Handicap accessible. Museum hours are 10am-2pm.

Geographical and Contact Information

3011 Mountain Road
Halifax, Virginia
Phone: 434-222-6737/434-476-4085
Fax: 434-575-0244