Lucasville School

Historical Significance

In 1883, African-American citizens living in the Lucasville area petitioned the Manassas District School Board for an elementary school. The Lucasville School was built in 1885 as a result of their efforts. It was one of twelve "colored" schools built in Prince William County, and operated until 1926.

Some time later, a local farmer moved the school from its original location and used it as a storage shed. He eventually sold the property, including the land and school building, to a local developer. A proffer required the developer to relocate and improve the school, pay for all improvements, and then donate the parcel to Prince William County. Due to physical deterioration, however, the building could not be moved in its entirety and was salvaged for usable parts. In 2007, it was reconstructed on property donated to the County on Goodwin Drive in Manassas.

Physical Description

The school was originally 18 by 20 feet. The reconstructed school contains roughly 10 to 20% of the original materials, and replicates the 1910-12 classroom. Exhibition panels concern post-Civil War education and literacy programs for African Americans, the history of the Lucasville School, and African-American culture in Prince William County.

Geographical and Contact Information

10516 Godwin Drive
Manassas, Virginia
Phone: 703-365-7895