Lucy Simms School

Historical Significance

The Lucy Simms School, constructed in 1938-39,  was named after a beloved African American teacher, honoring her role in educating African American children. Previously the Effinger Street School had fulfilled this function for Harrisonburg's African American community, where Lucy Simms taught for 50 years, serving as an inspiration & motivator for thousands of students. The Effinger Street School was condemned in 1937 and the Simms School was built rapidly thereafter, opening in 1939.

The Lucy Simms School was closed during school integration in the 1960's. In 2005, the building was renovated and dedicated as "The Lucy F. Simms Continuing Education Center", housing the Boys and Girls Club, the ARC Op Shop, gym facilities, and rental space. 

Physical Description

Two-story brick building in a design typical of state schools from this era.

Geographical and Contact Information

620 Simms Avenue
Harrisonburg, Virginia
Phone: 540-434-9916