Macedonia Baptist Church

Historical Significance

Founded in 1908 in the home of Bonder and Amanda Johnson and formally established in 1911, Macedonia Baptist Church is one of the oldest extant black churches in Nauck. In the 1920s, church membership grew when many African Americans moved to Nauck. The church purchased the Old Peyton Hall at Nauck Station (now a parking lot) for interim quarters, and in 1927 a new building was constructed at the corner of 22nd and Kenmore Streets. The building at its present site was expanded in 1971 to meet the needs of a growing congregation. Today, the church is fully operational and open for worship.

Physical Description

Macedonia Baptist Church is a large brick building located at 3412 South 22nd Street, Arlington, Virginia 22204.

Geographical and Contact Information

3412 South 22nd Street
Arlington, Virginia
Phone: 703-521-7663
Fax: 703-521-6316