Morton Elementary School (Z. C. Morton)

Historical Significance

Louisa County's largest "Negro elementary school," Z. C. Morton Elementary School, was built in 1960 to replace several one- and two-room schoolhouses throughout the county, including Mt. Garland, Ferncliff, St. Mark's and Shelfar Schools. The school was named for Zelda Carter Morton, a renowned African-American educator who began serving as the Louisa County Supervisor of Negro Education in 1926. The school had 12 classrooms, 14 teachers, and 503 African-American students.

Although the Civil Rights Bill of 1964 made Jim Crow policies illegal, schools in Louisa County were slow to desegregate, and Morton Elementary School did not officially integrate until 1970. At that time, black students were reassigned to Louisa Elementary School, and the school was made into an intermediate school for grades five through seven. In 1987, the building was joined with the adjacent African-American high school and renovated to create the Thomas Jefferson Elementary School.

Physical Description

Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, formerly Z. C. Morton Elementary School, is located at 1782 Jefferson Highway, Louisa, Virginia 23093.

Geographical and Contact Information

1782 Jefferson Highway
Louisa, Virginia