Mount Hope Baptist Church

Historical Significance

Mount Hope Baptist Church was organized in 1878 by former slaves and the Reverend Peter Berry under the name of Bethel Baptist Church, and provided a meeting place and place of religious worship for African Americans. Early in Rev. Berry's administration, Bethel Baptist Church was demolished, a new wood frame structure was erected in its place, and the church was renamed Mount Hope Baptist Church.  Mount Hope Baptist has contributed significantly to the Tri-Cities and broader community both socially and spiritually.

Physical Description

In 1948, a fire destroyed the original building, but the church was completely rebuilt in brick by 1953. It was remodeled and enlarged in the 1990s.  In 2001, the administrative suite was completely remodeled and in 2006, chandeliers were added to illuminate and enhance the ambiance of the sanctuary. Today, a black bell, outdoor baptistery and water pump remain as physical vestiges of Mount Hope's historic past.

Geographical and Contact Information

10300 Lawyers Road
Prince George, Virginia
Phone: 804-541-0921