Saint Paul's College

Historical Significance

The Reverend James Solomon Russell (1857-1935), a black Episcopal priest, founded Saint Paul Normal and Industrial School in 1888 to serve the needs of rural blacks in post-Civil War Virginia. With funds contributed by the Reverend James Saul of Philadelphia, Russell and his parishioners built a three-room frame school building. Russell founded the school primarily to train African American teachers from the Brunswick County community. Vocational, technical, and agricultural classes were offered, with teaching training classes added in 1922. The name of the institution was changed to Saint Paul’s Polytechnic Institute in 1941, when the state granted the school authority to offer a four-year program.  This new curriculum included degrees in the Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Science in Education. The name of the school was changed to Saint Paul's College in 1957 to better reflect its liberal arts and teacher education curricula and currently educates students of all races and religious denominations.

Physical Description

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Geographical and Contact Information

115 College Drive
Lawrenceville, Virginia