Stubbs School

Historical Significance

The Stubbs School was constructed during the 1930s for African-American children in Spotsylvania County. The school building is typical of many one-room schools built throughout the county, beginning with the establishment of the public education system in 1870. This school was originally located on Stubbs Bridge Road, but in 1999 the One-Room School Committee, formed through efforts of the Spotsylvania County Black History Committee, purchased and relocated the building to its present site in Spotsylvania Courthouse.

The building remains largely unchanged since its days as a school for African-American children. It consists of an entry vestibule, a small cloakroom, and single classroom where over 30 children in grades 1-7 studied together. The building had no plumbing or electricity, and a cast iron stove provided the only heat. In its original setting, the school yard contained an outhouse and a dusty play lot.

A typical school day included prayers, lessons in spelling, reading, writing, arithmetic, grammar, and geography, breaks for lunch and recess, and chores. Former students remember playing sandlot baseball at recess as well as performing necessary tasks like hauling water, collecting firewood, and sweeping the schoolroom.

The School Board closed the Stubbs School in 1943. In 1953 all African-American one-room schools in the county closed and the students transferred to the newly constructed John J. Wright Consolidated School. 

Physical Description

The One-Room School House Committee conducts an ongoing project to restore and interpret Stubbs School. The Stubbs School was relocated to Spotsylvania Courthouse from Stubbs Bridge Road in 1999 in an effort led by the Spotsylvania Black History Committee. The new site includes a plaza with interpretive signage, a reconstruction of the two-seater privy, and a viewing deck from which visitors can see inside the building. The interior of the building is not open for tours. The deck is handicapped accessible.

Geographical and Contact Information

8722 Courthouse Road
Spotsylvania, Virginia