Brickhouse Banking Company

Historical Significance

In 1910, a Certificate of Incorporation was issued to the Brickhouse Banking Company, whose principal place of business was in the Hare Valley in Northampton County. By law the capital stock of the bank was not to be less than $10,000 and not to exceed $50,000 divided in shares at a value of $5.

Melvin J. Chisum, a stock speculator born in Texas but living in Norfolk, helped organize the bank and served as its first president. The other bank officers were Reuben B. Upshur of Hare Valley, Vice President; Jacob H. Griffith of Eastville, second Vice President; Charles J. Brickhouse of Hare Valley, Secretary; and Taylor D. Jefferson of Cape Charles, Treasurer. Other bank directors were William H. Brickhouse and Peter Bivins, both of Hare Valley, and B.T. Coard of Accomack Court House. In 1911, William H. and Janie Brickhouse deeded four acres of land for the bank's use. The Brickhouse Banking Company served the African-American community until 1916. 

Physical Description

After 1916 the brick bank building was used as a dwelling. Eventually it fell into disrepair and is no longer standing. The Brickhouse dwelling remained part of the Hare Valley community until it burned down (date unknown).

Geographical and Contact Information

Hare Valley Rd
Exmore, Virginia