Wiley Hall

Historical Significance

The predecessor to Wiley Hall (located on the Emory & Henry College campus) was called "The College" and served as a hospital for black Union soldiers, all members of the segregated 5th United States Cavalry, who were wounded at the Battle of Saltville. Many were shot in their beds at the hospital on October 7, 1864 by Champ Ferguson, who was one of two Confederate soldiers executed for war crimes. Ferguson was executed for leading a cold-blooded massacre of dozens of wounded black soldiers and their white officers. Only the arrival of the 69th North Carolina Regiment, known as "Thomas' Legion of Cherokee Indians and Highlanders", a unit of the Confederate Army, prevented further slaughter. 

Physical Description

Wiley Hall, named after a president of the college, is a brick building in the federal style. The Civil War hospital was located in an earlier building at the same site.

Geographical and Contact Information

30461 Garnand Drive
Emory, Virginia
Phone: 540-944-6188/276-944-4121