Central High School/Museum (formerly the Charlotte Training School)

Historical Significance

The predecessor to the Central High School was the Charlotte Training School which opened on February 12, 1928. The community raised $7000 to build the school. About a decade later, Ambassador David K.E. Bruce donated funds to built the Central High School.  In 1997, Charlotte County citizens initiated a community-based project to plan and fund a museum. The goal was to document the long unrecognized African-American history and culture of Charlotte County. In the latter half of 1997, the Charlotte County Board of Supervisors and the Charlotte County School Board approved housing the museum in the former Central High School.  Central High Museum is located in the library of the former Central High School building, and it is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and exhibiting the contributions of African Americans in Charlotte County. The museum aims to promote a greater understanding of the African-American experience and its impact on cultural, educational, and socioeconomic aspects of Charlotte County and the neighboring communities.

Physical Description

The Central High Museum is housed in the one-room library of the former Central High School building.  The rest of the building is an early childhood education center.

Geographical and Contact Information

401 Thomas Jefferson Highway
Charlotte Court House, Virginia
Phone: 434-542-4699