African American Heritage Park

Historical Significance

The African American Heritage Park opened in 1995 as a satellite of the Alexandria Black History Resource Center, located at 638 Alfred St. The memorial sculptures in the park are the creation of Washington, D.C. sculptor Jerome Meadows, an African-American artist specializing in public art.

The focal point of the park is a cluster of three bronze trees entitled "Truths That Rise From the Roots -- Remembered." The sculpture acknowledges the contributions of African Americans to the growth of Alexandria. Other smaller sculptures throughout the park commemorate historic African-American neighborhoods and the 21 individuals buried in the Black Baptist Cemetery, which occupies one acre of the park.

The park was designed to harmonize with the original landscape of the cemetery, an African-American burial ground since before the Civil War, and incorporates the varied plant life of the area.

A book stand in the park contains a visitor's guide identifying the African-American citizens and sites commemorated by the sculptures.

Physical Description

The African American Heritage Park comprises eight acres between Holland Lane and Hooff's Run south of Duke Street, as well as the one acre Baptist Cemetery. The park is surrounded by a perimeter walk through wetlands that attract mallards, painted turtles, beavers and crayfish.

Geographical and Contact Information

401 Holland Lane
Alexandria, Virginia
Phone: 703-838-4356
Fax: 703-706-3999